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My Value Watch List: 4 Names on My Radar

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November 16, 2017
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November 15, 2017
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November 13, 2017
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Navigating the Market's Highs and Lows

Hilary Kramer's Recent Winners
Veeva Systems
Bought 10/2/17
8% profits
Sold 11/6/17
Breakout Stocks
Bought 10/5/17
8% profits
Sold 10/27/17
Bought 9/6/17
9% profits
Sold 10/27/17
Charles River Laboratories
Breakout Stocks
Bought 9/28/17
6% profits
Sold 10/24/17
Owens & Minor
Value Authority
Bought 8/7/17
3% profits
Sold 10/23/17
Graphic Packaging Holding Company
Value Authority
Bought 2/27/17
7% profits
Sold 10/4/17
Breakout Stocks
Bought 8/9/17
10% profits
Sold 10/3/17
Palo Alto Networks
Bought 6/20/17
8% profits
Sold 10/2/17
Breakout Stocks
Bought 8/22/17
8% profits
Sold 9/18/17
Best Buy
Breakout Stocks
Bought 9/1/17
6% profits
Sold 9/8/17


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Schmeike R.S., Silver Spring MD*

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S. Lichte*

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Ryan, GameChangers message board

"Ka-ching! (in response to Kramer's 12/22 sell of CPHD for a 36.2% gain)"

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